ANNOUNCEMENT: Second Edition coming on March 7th, 2024!


Barak’s first book, “Why CISOs Fail”, serves as an introduction into the world of security, why and how current security management practices fail, and why that often results in overall dissatisfaction by practitioners and lack of success in the corporate environment.

Barak examines the reasons for repeated failure and suggests how to fix them. The resulting improvement is highly beneficial to any corporation that has “had enough” and wished to approach security from a bottom-line and business operations perspective, instead of through the lens of technical operations.

This book transforms the understanding of the role of the CISO, the selection process for a CISO, and the financial impact that security plays in any organization.

“Why CISOs Fail” was added to the Cybercannon in 2021. It became a sleeper hit and was subsequently chosen to be revised into a second edition, currently slated for publication on March 7th, 2024.

In this new edition, Barak adds new sections that correspond with the chapters of the original book: security as a discipline; as a business enabler; in sales; in legal; in compliance; in technology; and as an executive function. He explores new ideas in each operational area, providing essential insights into emerging aspects of the discipline. He then proposes two critical concepts for security management—the concept of “digital shrinkage” and the transition from CISO to CI/SO—that together offer a new paradigm for any organization that wants to become truly successful in its security journey.

Why CISOs Fail is delivered in Barak’s conversational, humoristic style, that has attracted a global audience to this and his other book, The Security Hippie. As he notes, the book’s goal is to entertain as much as to inform, and he dearly hopes that you have fun reading it.

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