Barak combines a highly innovative and intuitive approach to get excellent results. He manages to fit in to any environment, gets along with, inspires and motivates personnel.

David Huckabay, CIO Live nation

We hired Barak to help us build a strong security program at StubHub. Barak is the rare kind of consultant that everyone wants to work with.

Hanna Sicker, Director of Security and Compliance, Thrive Global

Barak is a very rare individual. 

Mike Hamilton, VOP, Databricks

He has the ability to look at data security holistically with long-term impact.

Jim Cheung, Senior VP Experian Consumer Services

Barak is a well known guru in the compliance and security world, and it is always a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend Barak as a top level management leader for CSO, CIO, CTO, and COO positions and as a top level enterprise advisor on compliance, security and broader technology topics.

Margot Rudell, HP

Barak is a talented technology evangelist, a polished speaker, and accomplished subject matter specialist.

Heidi Livingston Eisips, Adjunct Faculty, San Jose State University

I probably owe Barak a major part of my knowledge in networking.

Yuval Shchory, Cisco

Barak is the type of CSO you want in your company.

Joshua Tretakoff, JustAnswer

I hired Barak because the company’s business plan depended on our ability to safely store and use consumer credit card information.

George Loyer, President, California League of Park Associations

In my 20+ years of adventures working, learning, and contributing to both the information security and intelligence communities, I can still say I have only met a handful of noteworthy leaders. I’ve had the honor of working with Barak Engel throughout my career.

Lance James, Chief Scientist, Flashpoint

Barak conveys important ideas and lessons that everyone can enjoy, and does so with grace and humor.